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キャンペーンは終了しました。次回のご案内をお待ちください。 キャンペーンは終了しました。次回のご案内をお待ちください。

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Notice regarding use of coupons

  • Membership for Relux is mandatory when using Relux coupons.
  • Only the person who received the coupon may use it for their booking.
  • Relux coupons cannot be transfered nor sold to another person."
  • Coupons can only be used for accommodations on Relux. Please also be aware that some accommodations do not accept coupons. Please check hotel information, terms and condition for more details.
  • Relux coupons can only be used when booking with Relux. It can not be applied on the day of arrival.
  • Coupons/Points cannot be used with existing reservations. Please do not forget to use your coupons when reserving.
  • Relux coupons can only be used when booking with Relux. It can not be applied on services other than service tax and consumption tax(hotel tax, bathing tax, etc.) It also cannot be applied to food nor drinks during the trip.
  • Relux coupons cannot be converted into cash.
  • Relux coupons and points cannot be used at the same time.
  • The expiration fo coupons and/or Relux Points will be based on Japanese Standard Time (UTC+9).
  • Applying conditions differ for every coupon. Please check the coupons for further details.
  • Using multiple Relux accounts and joining the same campaign is not allowed.
  • Terms and services for Relux coupon may change.