Jozankei Onsen

An annex of Sapporo which is located in the National Park upstream of Toyohira River

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Jozankei Onsen which is called as the annex of Sapporo from the past, is located in Shikotsu Toya National Park, which is upstream of Toyohira River that flows from the south to east through the city.

At Jozan Valley with plenty of beautiful nature, enjoy taking a walk, canoeing, horse riding or fruit picking.

After enjoying the nature of Jozan Valley, take some time to peacefully relax in the Onsen.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

Jozankei Onsen was found in 1866 by a monk called Jyouzan Miizumi which was later renamed as Jyozan along with the Ainu people. The Onsen was named after Jyozan who opened the Onsen, as Jyozankei Onsen.

The spring quality is Simple Spring and Chloride Spring. It is known to be effective for cuts, coldness, peripheral circulatory disorder, dry skin, depression, autonomic instability and insomnia.
  • Spring Qualities

    Sulfur hot-spring Radiation hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Coldness Depression Insomnia Cuts Skin dryness Atopic dermatitis


Access by public transportation.

Approx. 60 minutes by bus from JR Hokkaido Sapporo Station

Access by car

Approx. 46 minutes by car from Hokkaido Expressway Kitahiroshima IC

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