Shiman Onsen

A hot spring area surrounded by the dynamics of the mountains

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

Shima Onsen is located in Nakanojo-cho, Agatsuma-gun Northwest of Gunma Prefecture.
The place was also first designated as the People’s Recreation Spa area.

While visiting the hot spring town near the Shimba river, you can enjoy the moment of bliss by listening to the sound of the river.
You can also enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere from the historical old-fashioned inns.

Nearby the area, there is the Shimagawa dam shining in cobalt blue, where you can enjoy canoeing and canyoning.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

As the inn was opened in 1563, the spa area gradually spread in peripheral areas.
There are two theories about the history of open-air hot water. One is said that the Sakagami Tamuramaro is the founder of the hot spring, when he dropped by during theYezo conquest.
Second is that when Usui Takamitsu visited Shima, he dreamt about a child and when he woke up, there was a hot spring springing up nearby him.
Today there are 3 drinking places in Japan, and is told as one of the "three major gastrointestinal tracts” in Japan for being effective against gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Spring Qualities

    Sulfate hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Neuralgia Decrease in gastrointestinal function Autonomic instability Promotion of health Cuts Atopic dermatitis Epidermoid pyoga Chronic eczema


Access by public transportation.

Get off at JR Azuma Line Nakanojo Station, about 40 minutes by bus to Kanetsugo Transportation Shikenna Hot Spring

Access by car

40 minutes by car from Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen IC

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