Kasuga Onsen

Hot water of beauty, which leaves your skin smooth after bathing

Introduction of Hot Springs (Onsen)

This hot spring gushes out at a peaceful place in the mountains, on the western side of Kakuma River running through the northern foot of Mt. Tateshina in the eastern part of Nagano Prefecture. Here, you can look out over the grand Asama Mountain Range.
It was in Edo period that this area developed a lot as a post town on Nakasendo, that connected Edo to Kyoto. Some old buildings and villages still remain here, which remind us the ancient times. Thirty buildings among them are registered tangible cultural properties, and the old house of Takeshige Honke Brewing Corp has served as a model for a movie.
There are some scenic sites nearby, which are famous for its azalea and beautiful autumn leaves, and you can enjoy their brilliant colors every season.

Effects and characteristics of Hot Springs

The spring quality is simple thermal.
It has effects on neuralgia, shoulder stiffness, arthralgia, sprain, cold constitution, hemorrhoids and so on, and it is well-known as hot water of beauty, which leaves your skin smooth after bathing.
This town has a long story of 300 years old. In Edo Period, it developed as a post town, and has been famous for its carp farming since then. It is said that the “Saku Carp” used to be offered to the feudal lord of Komoro.
  • Spring Qualities

    Standard hot-spring
  • Efficacy

    Osteoarthritis Neuralgia Frozen shoulder Sprains Coldness Hemorrhoidal pain


Access by public transportation.

About 40-minute drive from JR Sakudaira station

Access by car

About 30-minute drive from Saku-Minami Interchange off of Chubu-Odan Expressway

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