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賢島の宿 みち潮 Kashiko Island House Michishio

casual Ryokan/Inn Go To トラベル対象
  • Mie > Shima (Hamajima・Aki・Isobe)
Kashiko Island House Michishio / Mie Shima 1


A peaceful moment spent in the scenic surroundings of Ise Shima.
'Kashiko Island House Michishio' is located on a high point overlooking Ago Bay.

In the pure Japanese style guest rooms, all with an ocean view, the sound of the ocean tides becomes a pleasing BGM.
In the special rooms with attached open air bath and small garden, you can enjoy an exceptional stay.

The current meals use the delicacies of Shima, and meals are eaten in your room so you do not have to feel uncomfortable.
The famous Ise Shrimp and abalone, as well as that season's seafood, are all delivered freshly caught to your table.

At sunset, we recommend walking to the Kashikojimao Bridge, chosen as one of the best 100 sunset locations.       
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Accommodations that have achieved high customer satisfaction and that can be enjoyed casually.

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Other Facilities3.6/5

Mr./Ms. Y.Y(37)

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Ocean View

大変お世話になりました 着いてすぐ、眺望に満足 部屋係の方の対応に満足 何よりも夕食に大満足!! 今回、舟盛り付プランにしたのですが、見た目にビックリ!盛り付けはもちろん、特筆すべきはその量!! 2人前ではありえない程のボリューム... Read more 大変お世話になりました 着いてすぐ、眺望に満足 部屋係の方の対応に満足 何よりも夕食に大満足!! 今回、舟盛り付プランにしたのですが、見た目にビックリ!盛り付けはもちろん、特筆すべきはその量!! 2人前ではありえない程のボリュームに驚愕しました もちろん味や食感も絶品で、文句なし パールポークは柔らかく、甘みのあるお肉、その他の料理もどれも美味しく、ついつい食べすぎてしまいました お風呂も大変良かったのですが、4階にも露天風呂が欲しいところですね 修学旅行の子供たちと重なったのですが、何も気になる事も無く、ゆったり贅沢な時間を過ごせました 帰りの送迎も気に掛けてくださり、ありがとうございました また訪ねた時にはよろしくお願いします

Thank you for all the help you have given me Immediately after arriving, satisfied with the view Satisfied with the response of the room clerk Above all, I am very satisfied with the dinner !! This time, I made a plan with a boat arrangement, but I was surprised at how it looks! I was amazed at the volume that could not be served for two people Of course, the taste and texture are excellent, and there are no complaints. Pearl pork is tender, sweet meat and all the other dishes are delicious and I just ate too much The bath was also very good, but I also want an open-air bath on the 4th floor. I overlapped with the children on the school trip, but I didn't have to worry about anything, and I was able to spend a relaxing and luxurious time. Thank you for taking care of the return transfer. I look forward to working with you when you visit again.

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Mr./Ms. G.Y(42)

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Stayed in

Room type


Ocean View

【良かった点】 ①料理が美味しい ②スタッフの方一人一人の接客態度が良い ③部屋からの景色が良い ④大風呂に子供用のバスチェアー(Aprica)が置いてある事 ⑤子供用の貸出グッズがある事 【残念な点】 ①お部屋の清掃... Read more 【良かった点】 ①料理が美味しい ②スタッフの方一人一人の接客態度が良い ③部屋からの景色が良い ④大風呂に子供用のバスチェアー(Aprica)が置いてある事 ⑤子供用の貸出グッズがある事 【残念な点】 ①お部屋の清掃に不満ないですが、トイレ、洗面、お風呂の設備の古さが少し気になります。 ②冷蔵庫内のアルカリイオン水を入れてるポットの飲み口付近に汚れが多く見受けられ、飲みたくても飲む気になれなかった事。 ③宿泊代に手違いがあり、支払い後に改めて旅館まで支払い差額分を取りに行かなければならなかった事。 ※支払い時に確認できてなかった、こちら側にも非はあります。 ※10ヶ月の子供が居てるので、時間とガソリンを使用して旅館まで戻るのは結構厳しかったです。 【総合】 たった1回の支払い時の不備ですが、終わり良ければ全て良しの、終わりが良くなかったせいで、悪いイメージの方が勝っています。 お料理が美味しかったので、その点でリピートしたい気持ちはありますが、現時点でリピートしたくないです。 色々と書きましたが、お子様連れや料理を楽しみたい方には良い旅館だと思います。

【good point】 ① The food is delicious ② The customer service attitude of each staff member is good ③ The view from the room is good ④ There is a children's bath chair (Aprica) in the large bath. ⑤ There are rental goods for children [Unfortunate point] ① I'm not dissatisfied with cleaning the room, but I'm a little worried about the age of the toilet, washbasin, and bath facilities. (2) There was a lot of dirt near the mouth of the pot containing alkaline ionized water in the refrigerator, and I didn't feel like drinking it even if I wanted to. ③ There was a mistake in the accommodation fee, and I had to go to the inn again to get the difference in payment after payment. * There is something wrong with this side that could not be confirmed at the time of payment. * Since I have a 10-month-old child, it was quite difficult to return to the inn using time and gasoline. [Comprehensive] It's a flaw in just one payment, but if the end is good, everything is good, and because the end isn't good, the bad image is better. The food was delicious, so I'd like to repeat it in that respect, but I don't want to repeat it at this point. I wrote a lot, but I think it is a good inn for those with children and those who want to enjoy cooking.

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Mr./Ms. Y.I.(50)

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Room type


Ocean View

部屋に入った瞬間、英虞湾の景色に魅了されました。夜は偶然の満月の月明りのもと、部屋から英虞湾を眺めていました。 夕食はとても品数も多く、美味しく頂きました。二日目のお品書きがないのが残念でした。 子供たちのための縁日も開催されていて、少... Read more 部屋に入った瞬間、英虞湾の景色に魅了されました。夜は偶然の満月の月明りのもと、部屋から英虞湾を眺めていました。 夕食はとても品数も多く、美味しく頂きました。二日目のお品書きがないのが残念でした。 子供たちのための縁日も開催されていて、少しの時間、お祭り気分を味わえました。持参した花火が庭でできるサービスも嬉しかったです。

The moment I entered the room, I was fascinated by the view of Ago Bay. At night, I watched Ago Bay from my room under the accidental full moon. The dinner was very good and delicious. It was a pity that I didn't write the second day. Fairs for children were also held, and I felt like a festival for a while. I was glad that the fireworks I brought were available in the garden.

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Kashiko Island House Michishio


754-9 Agocho Shinmei, Shima, Mie [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

44 room(s)


For meals, we usually serve dinner in the guest rooms.
Please enjoy your relaxed mealtime with just the members of your group. 

When there are more than five guests, you may be asked to move to a separate private room. We ask for your understanding. 

This accommodation does not have a restaurant just for the provision of meals. You must make a reservation in advance for meals. In addition, there are places on Kashiko Island for lunch, but there are no restaurants available for dinner. 
For buying ingredients or eating meals, we recommend that you do so in Ise, Toba or the nearest alighting point of Ugata before coming to the accommodation.
In addition, the nearest convenience store is in Kashiko Island Station, but this closes at 7:00 pm.
For those guests using breakfast only or room only plans, please be careful regarding meals. 
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The shared bath at this accommodation 'Oyu Kashiko' is a 'man made radium bath' that warms you up.
You can enjoy the same effects as a natural onsen in this bath while looking far out to Ago Bay.

You can enjoy many types of bath, such as the open air bath, herb sauna, hinoki bath, jet bath etc. 

In 'Oyu Kashiko' there is 'Sansan' on the 3rd floor and 'Youyou' on the 4th floor. 
These baths switch daily from being for men or for women. 
The men's bath and women's bath switch during the day, so you can enjoy both baths in the morning or at night. 

Please enjoy a relaxing soak while looking out at Ise Shima National Park and Ago Bay stretching out far in front of your eyes. 

Operating Hours: 6:00-9:00, 15:00-24:00

The open air bath is on the third floor, herb saunas are connected to each bath on the fourth floor, switching the next morning. 
We do not have a day use only option. 

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Other facility information

Every Friday there is a concert by 'Kokyu' and every Sunday by 'Folk Band'.

Table tennis corner: 500 yen/ one table 30 minutes ~

In addition, there is an air hockey table and darts board in the same room (fee applicable).

Fishing rod rental: 1000 yen (bait, trap, pole etc set fee)

You can enjoy a little fishing at the cove and bridge located just below this accommodation. 
The device is a simple one without a reel, rather using floats and weights. 
Please enjoy fishing using the catch and release system. 
According to health and safety regulations, we cannot permit caught fish to be brought into the building nor can we cook them. 
This is according to nature. When the lake is dry, or during the heat of summer, it may not be possible to catch fish. 
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Nearby Tourist Attractions

Kashikojima Espagna Cruise 
Designed like a pirate ship, this boat takes 50 minutes to go once around the bay, and is a sightseeing boat to go around Ago Bay. Three minutes from the accommodation.

Shima Marine Land
This aquarium is a two minute walk from Kashikojima Station and the Sunfish monument has become a trend on Instagram.

Kashikojima Bridge
This bridge, located 15 minutes from this accommodation, is where you can enjoy one of the chosen best 100 sunsets in Japan.
We recommend the walking course from the coast. 

Shima Spain Village
This fun theme park, with flamenco, parades and rides is a 15 minute drive from the accommodation, there is also a direct bus from the station.

Yokohama Viewing Platform
You can see the wonderful scenery of Ago Bay, as well as enjoy cafe and sweets. 15 minutes by car.

Ise Shrine: 35 minutes by car
Toba: 35 minutes by car
Futami: 50 minutes by car 
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This accommodation is one with as much history as Kashiko Island, having grown with it since the opening at the beginning of the Showa period.
We do proceed with renovating inconvenient aspects as much as necessary, but this is not an elegant or trendy, flashy place. This accommodation is one surrounded by the sea and greenery, where you can spend a quiet moment in the middle of nature. For those wanting to spend time slightly differently from normal, this is the place for you.

This accommodation does not have a restaurant just for the provision of meals. You must make a reservation in advance for meals. In addition, there are places on Kashiko Island for lunch, but there are no restaurants available for dinner. 
For buying ingredients or eating meals, we recommend that you do so in Ise, Toba or the nearest alighting point of Ugata before coming to the accommodation. 
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

A five minute walk from Kintetsu Ise Shima line Kashikojima Station.

There is a shuttle service from 3pm~9pm.
If you would like to use this service, please contact us on the day once you have arrived at Kashikojima Station. 

754-9 Agocho Shinmei, Shima, Mie

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