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福住宿場町ホテル NIPPONIA NIPPONIA Fukusumi Post Town Hotel

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  • Hyogo > Mita・Shinoyama
NIPPONIA Fukusumi Post Town Hotel / Hyogo Amagasaki・Takarazuka・Mita・Sasayama 40

Countermeasures for COVID-19

  • Hand sanitizer provided
    Hand sanitizer provided
  • Disinfection
  • Ventilation
  • Ensure Social Distancing
    Ensure Social Distancing
  • Guidelines for employees
    Guidelines for employees
  • Guidelines for guests
    Guidelines for guests

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Nestled between Kyoto and Osaka, Fukusumi is a well-known destination to escape the city and find peace in nature. Soak in the natural landscapes, complete with mountains, bird song, the sound of rice stalks swaying in the wind, and the smell of rich soil. At night, the starry sky envelopes all the eye can see as poise descends far and wide.

Each guest room is designed to take you out of time and out of the daily world with carefully thought out touches to complete the experience, such as the cypress baths in each room.

The dining hall is set to inspire the feeling of a Japanese hometown return. Rustic wooden furniture furnishes the scene, made whole with the aroma of fresh food coming from the kitchen as the chefs work right in view.

We offer a great experience and rest to refresh the mind and body of any weary traveler. Not too far from the convenience of the city, but far enough for the kind of respite that can't be found there. Come and experience a Japanese home-coming!      
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8月の丹波篠山で味をしめ、今回は福住を利用させていただきました。建物の雰囲気、部屋の落ち着き、食事の美味しさ、どれも期待通りで、スタッフの方々のお気遣いも非常に好印象でした。また、旧街道を散策しましたが、里山の景色や、宿場町の風景だけでなく... Read more 8月の丹波篠山で味をしめ、今回は福住を利用させていただきました。建物の雰囲気、部屋の落ち着き、食事の美味しさ、どれも期待通りで、スタッフの方々のお気遣いも非常に好印象でした。また、旧街道を散策しましたが、里山の景色や、宿場町の風景だけでなく、マグナムコーヒーのマスターのキャラクターもよく、お隣の自転車屋さんにも散策用のマップをいただき、楽しい時間を過ごせました。パン屋さんと、一本杉販売所がお休みだったのが残念でしたが、前日の雨が嘘のように天気もよく、福住を堪能できました。リラックスした時間を過ごせました。もちろん、創作料理と竹泉のマッチングも素晴らしかったです。

I tasted it at Tamba Sasayama in August, and this time I used Fukusumi. The atmosphere of the building, the calmness of the room, the deliciousness of the food, all were as expected, and the care of the staff was very good. Also, I took a walk on the old highway, but not only the scenery of the satoyama and the post town, but also the character of the master of Magnum Coffee is good, and the bicycle shop next door gave me a map for walking, so I had a good time I did. It was a pity that the bakery and the Ipponsugi sales office were closed, but the rain on the previous day was like a lie and the weather was fine, so I was able to enjoy Fukuzumi. I had a relaxing time. Of course, the matching between the creative food and Takeizumi was also wonderful.

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お料理が味 見た目 ともとても良かった 接客 料理 二人でされているようだったけどきちんとおもてなししてくれているのが伝わりました 朝の散歩気持ち良かったです

The food tasted very good It seemed that the two of us were serving food, but I was told that they were hospitable. The morning walk was pleasant.

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Fukuine 104

先日はお世話になりありがとうございました。お料理がとても美味しくて満足致しました。93歳の母の誕生日にメッセージもありがとうございました。 星がとても綺麗に見れたのが良かったです。 まだオープンしたてのホテルなので、これから頑張ってくだ... Read more 先日はお世話になりありがとうございました。お料理がとても美味しくて満足致しました。93歳の母の誕生日にメッセージもありがとうございました。 星がとても綺麗に見れたのが良かったです。 まだオープンしたてのホテルなので、これから頑張ってくださいね。

Thank you for being indebted the other day. I was satisfied that the dish was very delicious. Thank you for your message on the birthday of my 93 - year - old mother. It was good that the stars were seen very beautifully. It is a freshly opened hotel, so please do your best from now on.

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NIPPONIA Fukusumi Post Town Hotel


378 Fukusumi, Tamba-Sasayama, Hyogo [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 12:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

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Number of guest rooms

7 room(s)


[Restaurant Luang, where you can have a feast of food, Tamba Sasayama]
In addition to nationwide famous brand ingredients such as "Tamba's black soybeans", "Tamba Matsutake", "Tajima beef", there are only fresh produce grown by utilizing the soil and climate of Tamba Sasayama. The delicious taste is condensed.
We will provide the ingredients of this area with rich taste while maintaining the deliciousness of the ingredients.
Please enjoy and enjoy the Tamba ware, which is made from Tamba earth and has a unique texture.

A plate where you can thoroughly taste each ingredient.
A dish that gives you a feeling for the story and makes you feel the richness of the land.
A plate that releases your five senses and unwinds your mind and body.
Enjoy a Natural & Glamorous meal in the open kitchen, feeling the chef's hand and the scent of the air.
At Fukuzumi, which is close to Kyoto, we prepare a lot of local sake, especially sake, that goes well with your meal.
Enjoying a marriage with good sake is also a real pleasure for drinkers.

To start your new day, we will prepare a nourishing Japanese meal using seasonal ingredients from local Tamba Sasayama.
You can also eat the vegetables harvested during the vegetable harvesting experience, and the chef can bring out the best of the ingredients and enjoy them.
A freshly awakened body-friendly breakfast is served at the dining room where the sunrise is inserted.

[Commitment to Tamba ware]
Tamba ware is one of Japan's six ancient kilns along with Seto, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Bizen, and Echizen, and its origin is said to be from the end of the Heian period to the beginning of the Kamakura period.
Approximately 800 years after the kiln was opened, Tamba ware has consistently continued to be burned mainly to daily-use commodities until today, and during firing by the climbing kiln, ash and glaze melt together to create attractive colors and The major feature is the appearance of patterns.
Please take this opportunity to experience the charm of Tamba ware.
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[Room bath]
We prepare a cypress bath made by craftsmen. The scent of a hint of cypress sighs.
Please heal the tired body slowly in the busy days.
Although it is a renovation of a historic building, it retains the artistic construction techniques and design, while the bath and water are equipped with modern comfort.
Please spend a relaxing time in a colored yukata after taking a bath.

[Bath amenities]
The French skincare brand "CODAGE" series, which first landed in Japan in 2018.
Taking advantage of the power of natural and organic, it continues to be selected at 5 star spa salons around the world.
Through your stay, it will lead to healthy skin and hair.
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Other facility information

(VMG concierge familiar with the town)

Fukuzumi Post Town Hotel NIPPONIA is operated by VMG HOTELS & UNIQUE VENUES.

Since you've come all the way, I would like you to experience something you can only experience here.

Based on that feeling, VMG Concierge will propose various services of the town according to the purpose of your trip, such as activities to go out to the town and esthetics available in the facility.
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[Fukuzumi, post town]

Fukuzumi, which has a nostalgic, idyllic townscape lined with merchants and countryside, was once a post town heading from Sasayama Castle to Kyoto.
Fukuzumi, which has been selected as an important traditional building preservation district, has many merchant houses unique to the Tamba region, and is a town with a strong impression of the post town.
A very rare townscape is formed nationwide, with two historical landscapes of post towns and rural villages running along one road.

[Countermeasures against coronavirus infection-Proposals for safe travel]
At our facility, by preventing "spray infection" and "contact infection" in the measures to complete coronavirus, avoiding "three denseness", and thoroughly managing hygiene,
We will propose a trip that you can spend with peace of mind.

<Points you can feel at ease>
Unlike a city hotel, the number of guest rooms is small, and an environment where it is difficult for three to be dense
Since there are distributed hotels scattered around the town, there are few opportunities to contact other customers
 Due to the characteristics of the wooden building, which is a collection of the essence of old craftsmen, it is thought to be airy and has good ventilation.
The style of meals is not for buffet but for dinner and breakfast separately.
Please check the official website for details.
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*Since it is a facility that is preserved as a historical building and preserves the atmosphere and atmosphere of the time as much as possible, its heat insulation and confidentiality are not high.
We have prepared heating equipment and air conditioning equipment, but please understand in advance.

*To enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese house, we do not provide TV, clock or clear lighting.

*For reservations for consecutive nights, the same room may not be available depending on the reservation situation. Please note that.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

[By train]
From JR Osaka station to JR Fukuchiyama line "Sasayamaguchi" station (65 minutes)
From "Sasayamaguchi" station, free welcome and send-off service available (Reservation required, 35 minutes)

[By bus]
- From Osaka - From JR Fukuchiyama line "Sasayamaguchi" station
Shinki bus, 50 minutes, get off at "Fukuzumika" bus stop

- From Kyoto - From JR Sanin main line "Sonobe" station
Keihan Kyoto Kotsu bus, 40 minutes, get off at "Fukuzumi" bus stop

378 Fukusumi, Tamba-Sasayama, Hyogo

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