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ホテル宮島別荘 Hotel Miyajima Villa

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Hotel Miyajima Villa / Hiroshima Hiroshima・and・Miyajima 25


Hotel Miyajima Villa is a new resort hotel produced by the Kinsuikan, a ryokan of 100 years since its establishment in Miyajima.

The western buffet of Italian and French cuisine produced by the Al-che-cciano, Masayuki Okuda, are made from abundant fresh seafood of the Inland Sea, Hiroshima beef, and local vegetables of Hiroshima.

After savoring the healthy organic food, enjoy taking a bath at the observatory open-air tatami floored bath where you may view the Inland Sea.
Why not make the dream of a life in Miyajima come true in the Japanese modern space where "play, stay and enjoy food in Miyajima" will be granted? 


[Regarding the change in the buffet service for dinner and breakfast]

At the request of the government to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, we prioritized the safety and security of our customers and stopped providing our hotel's dinner and breakfast buffet meals. I will provide it. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.      
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Ocean style Harbor Side Room

「大人のための宮島の我が家」を謳っており夫婦でゆっくりくつろぐことを楽しみに訪れましたが、子供の利用制限はなく家族利用も多いため、ファミリー向けの全般的にカジュアルなお宿でした。 今回はGO TO利用でお安く宿泊いたしましたが、一泊二食で... Read more 「大人のための宮島の我が家」を謳っており夫婦でゆっくりくつろぐことを楽しみに訪れましたが、子供の利用制限はなく家族利用も多いため、ファミリー向けの全般的にカジュアルなお宿でした。 今回はGO TO利用でお安く宿泊いたしましたが、一泊二食でひとり3万円のお値段相応ではないです… 素泊まりもしくは朝食付で安いお部屋に泊まり、宮島の街歩きを楽しみつつ夜ご飯は外でいただくような使い方をするのには使い勝手のよいお宿かと思います。 以下 お食事とお部屋の感想です。 ■お食事:素材を活かしたお料理が多く朝晩美味しくいただけました。しかし、夜のプレミアムコースは1万円相当にしては、平凡で満足感には欠けるもの。奥田シェフ監修を楽しみにしていましたが、奥田シェフのレストランで味わうお料理とは全く異なりました…。宮島口のボッカアルケッチャーノの方が、奥田シェフのお味を堪能できますね。 アルコールフリードリンクはワインも日本酒も安いもので、お食事とのマリアージュを楽しむには別オーダーが必要です。 ■お部屋:和モダンできれいにまとまっていますが、つくりがチープ。海側のお部屋でもフェリー乗り場の屋根や駐車場が邪魔しており、期待していた海の景色は楽しめず。 マッサージチェアとプレミアム敷布団は心地よく リラックスできました。

It was a casual inn for families as it was sung as "My home in Miyajima for adults" and I was looking forward to relaxing with my husband and wife, but there are no restrictions on the use of children and there are many family uses. This time I stayed cheaply by using GO TO, but it is not suitable for the price of 30,000 yen per person for one night and two meals ... Staying in a cheap room without meals or with breakfast, enjoying walking around Miyajima and having dinner outside I think it's an easy-to-use inn to use like you would at. Below are the impressions of the meal and the room. ■ Meals: Many dishes that make use of the ingredients were delicious in the morning and evening. However, the premium course at night is mediocre and unsatisfactory for the equivalent of 10,000 yen. I was looking forward to the supervision of Chef Okuda, but it was completely different from the food I tasted at Chef Okuda's restaurant. You can enjoy the taste of Chef Okuda at Miyajimaguchi's Bocca Alqueciano. Alcohol-free drinks are cheap for both wine and sake, and you need to order them separately to enjoy the marriage with your meal. ■ Room: Japanese modern and neatly organized, but cheap to make. Even in the room on the sea side, the roof of the ferry terminal and the parking lot are in the way, so I can not enjoy the sea view I expected. The massage chair and premium mattress were comfortable and relaxing.

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Ocean Style Twin

口コミが良いので宿泊しました。 ですが、私にはちょっと合わなかったです。 一言で言うとカジュアルでキッズフレンドリーな旅館。 同行の友人にお願いしてもう少し大人向けの宿に泊まれば良かったと後悔しました。 旅館をリノベーションして... Read more 口コミが良いので宿泊しました。 ですが、私にはちょっと合わなかったです。 一言で言うとカジュアルでキッズフレンドリーな旅館。 同行の友人にお願いしてもう少し大人向けの宿に泊まれば良かったと後悔しました。 旅館をリノベーションしているようで、パッと見の内装は新しく綺麗。でも設備はやっぱり古く、エレベーターは5人乗ったら一杯になるような小さなものが一つだけ。混雑時は待ちます。そしてお部屋の壁が薄い。お隣や廊下の声が驚くほど聞こえてくる。そしてその音をかき消すためか廊下にはBGMが流れている。が、このBGMも部屋まで聞こえてきてうるさい。音に敏感な人は向かない。 レストランは非常に残念。コロナ禍でコース料理のみなのは仕方ないが、コースの中身は何も選べない。連泊すると多少メニューが変わるが、苦手な食べ物があったので変更を依頼すると「昨日と同じものにしか変更出来ない」と言われました。メニューが1つしかないなら事前に教えてほしかった。アレルギーでもないし、中身は2〜3種類はあると思っていたので苦手な食材を伝える必要を理解して無かったです…。また、夕食は基本洋食。和食は無さそう。朝食も基本洋食。追加で和食メニューもありますが、洋食のセットは必ず出されるので、和食だけ食べる事は出来ません。レストランは朝夕ともに融通が効かない印象。 そして何より気になったのはファミレスと間違えたかと思うような雰囲気。大騒ぎしている子連れやお祝いのカップルや呑みまくるメンズグループが入り乱れて座っていてカオス。雰囲気と内装と接客はファミレスなのに料理はコース。お値段には合っていない印象。 眺望は期待できない。海側の部屋を指定したが、見えるのは駐車場とフェリーターミナル。その奥に少し海が見えるだけ。因みに大浴場からの景色もほぼ変わらない。 唯一良かったのは、ラウンジのドリンクバー。夜にはほぼお店が閉まる宮島では重宝しました。 goto割引後の値段でも高いなと言うのが正直な感想です。

I stayed because the word of mouth is good. But it didn't suit me a little. In a word, a casual and kids-friendly inn. I regretted that I should have asked a friend of the bank to stay at an inn for adults a little more. It seems that the inn is being renovated, and the interior is new and beautiful. However, the facilities are old, and there is only one small elevator that can be filled with 5 people. Wait when it is crowded. And the walls of the room are thin. You can hear the voices of your neighbors and corridors surprisingly. And BGM is flowing in the corridor to drown out the sound. However, this BGM is also noisy when I hear it in the room. Not suitable for people who are sensitive to sound. The restaurant is very disappointing. There is no choice but to cook the course with the corona, but you can't choose anything inside the course. The menu changes a little when I stay consecutive nights, but I wasn't good at it, so when I asked for a change, I was told that I could only change to the same one as yesterday. I wanted you to tell me in advance if there is only one menu. I wasn't allergic, and I thought there were two or three types of contents, so I didn't understand the need to convey the ingredients I'm not good at ... In addition, dinner is basic Western food. There seems to be no Japanese food. Breakfast is also basic Western food. There is an additional Japanese food menu, but you cannot eat only Japanese food because Western food sets are always served. Impression that the restaurant is inflexible both morning and evening. And what I was most interested in was the atmosphere that made me think that I was mistaken for a family restaurant. Chaos sitting in a mess of fussing children, festive couples and swallowing men's groups. The atmosphere, interior and customer service are family-less, but the food is course. Impression that it does not fit the price. You can't expect a view. I specified a room on the sea side, but I can see the parking lot and the ferry terminal. Only a little sea can be seen behind it. By the way, the scenery from the large communal bath is almost the same. The only good thing was the drink bar in the lounge. It was useful in Miyajima, where the shops are almost closed at night. The honest impression is that the price after the goto discount is also high.

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Mr./Ms. H.A(43)

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Mountain Style Twin

近場でのGo Toキャンペーンを使った旅行で宮島を選びました。立地もよくフェリーを降りてからすぐで早めに着いて荷物を預け観光に行けとても便利でした。部屋は広く電動ベッドも快適でしたが、振動が響く理由でマッサージ昨日が切られていたのが残念でし... Read more 近場でのGo Toキャンペーンを使った旅行で宮島を選びました。立地もよくフェリーを降りてからすぐで早めに着いて荷物を預け観光に行けとても便利でした。部屋は広く電動ベッドも快適でしたが、振動が響く理由でマッサージ昨日が切られていたのが残念でした。食事も美味しくいただけましたが、もう少し牡蠣などの海鮮がいただきたかったです。

I chose Miyajima for a trip using the Go To campaign nearby. The location was good and it was very convenient to arrive early after getting off the ferry and leave your luggage for sightseeing. The room was large and the electric bed was comfortable, but it was a pity that the massage was cut off yesterday because of the vibration. The food was delicious, but I wanted a little more seafood such as oysters.

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Hotel Miyajima Villa


1165 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-city, Hiroshima prefecture [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 11:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

42 room(s)


A dining with the theme, "Eating the island lifestyle"

Hiroshima's fresh and safe organic vegetables, meat, fish and seasonings are used. The western buffet of French and Italian supervised by the chef, Masayuki Okuda, is something you can only taste at Miyajima villa. Please savor the food of Hiroshima through the dishes. You may spend time comfortably eating at "Shima Classic" which is the kitchen of the island, with the comfortable chairs and tables.
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A unique observatory tatami floored bath where you may view the Inland Sea
Komyoseki hot spring "Yu Like" You may view the beautiful sunset of Miyajima and it is an observatory bathroom where there are tatami mat floors.It is an artificial hot spring which are gentle 
Opening hours:
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Other facility information

Guest lounge "Komo Re Bi"
There is a fireplace, library corner, healing music and free drink service. "Komo Le Bi"  is appreciated as a place to relax.

Bakery inside the hotel "Shimauma Bakery"
It is a bakery born from the wish for the guests to taste delicious breads.
From the will to offer bread which you may only taste in Miyajima, Shimauma Bakery delivers original bakery menus such as the dessert bread "Miyajima blueberry bread" using rich pastry dough which has a strong taste of butter as the base,with sweet and sour blue berry jam and lots of cream cheese.

Bar "Kura Vitto"
You may enjoy Hiroshima sake, wine and local beer.
The ideas of the brewers are made into reality.
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News about measures against new coronavirus:

In order to prevent infection with the new type of pneumonia, we have added an antiseptic solution to the reception, the entrance to the dining hall, and the elevator hall on each floor to disinfect your hands.

In addition, in consideration of the health and safety of customers and staff, we will respond by wearing a mask.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

Get on the old JR railway line that goes away from the capital from Hiroshima station and get off at Miyajimaguchi station(takes 30 minutes). From Miyajimaguchi get on the ferry from the ferry landing place in front of the ticket gate(takes 10 minutes)After arriving at Miyajima, with the pier behind your back, walk a minute in the direction of front left. 

1165 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-city, Hiroshima prefecture

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