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ムーンオーシャン宜野湾 ホテル&レジデンス
Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel& Residence

  • Okinawa > Ginowan


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Other Facilities3.9/5

Mr./Ms. k.k(28)

Select Date:2019-05-05


There was no body towel

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Mr./Ms. L.K(42)

Select Date:2019-02-05

如果早餐有多點肉類選擇會更好, 另外, 冷氣設備太殘舊, 需要更換新款的.

If the breakfast has more meat selection, it will be better. In addition, the air-conditioning equipment is too old and needs to be replaced with a new one.

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Mr./Ms. Y.Y(37)

Select Date:2019-01-12


It was my first trip to Okinawa, but I was able to spend comfortably and thanks to it, it was a great trip with great memories. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. H.S(54)

Select Date:2018-12-20

今回は2歳の孫と一緒で朝食の時も動き回ったりしたけどあまり嫌な顔せずに対応していただきありがとうございました。又現参加の件でも臨機応変に対応していただき感謝しております。 又機会があれば是非泊まりたいです。

This time with my 2 - year - old grandchild, I did move around breakfast, but thank you for responding without having a bad face. Also thank you for responding flexibly in the case of current participation. If there is opportunity, I definitely want to stay.

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Mr./Ms. K.Y(36)

Select Date:2018-12-13

這間飯店的優點是房間大且看得到漂亮的海景離24小時的超市也近, 但是員工的服務態度就不敢恭維。飯店大門員工遠遠的就看到我們一行人扶老攜幼又拿著一大推行李都沒有上前幫忙的意思,我們只能自己提著行李推著嬰兒車至前台check in。前台態度也是... Read more 這間飯店的優點是房間大且看得到漂亮的海景離24小時的超市也近, 但是員工的服務態度就不敢恭維。飯店大門員工遠遠的就看到我們一行人扶老攜幼又拿著一大推行李都沒有上前幫忙的意思,我們只能自己提著行李推著嬰兒車至前台check in。前台態度也是冷淡,例行的查看護照後就給房卡叫我們自己拿著行李上樓,非常令人傻眼。晚上小孩因為水土不服有突發狀況需要更換床單,前台也只拿了床單叫我們自行更換,髒污的床單叫我們放在房裡,隔天早上才會有房務處理。因為帶著一歲的小孩所以選擇了飯店希望有突發狀況的時候能夠有人幫忙, 但是卻失望了。

The advantage of this hotel is that the room is large and the beautiful sea view is close to the 24-hour supermarket, but the service attitude of the staff is not flattering. The staff at the hotel's gates saw that our group had helped the old and the young and took a lot of luggage. They didn't mean to help. We can only carry the luggage and push the baby carriage to the front desk to check in. The attitude of the front desk is also cold. After checking the passport routinely, I will give the room card and ask us to take the luggage upstairs. It is very dumbfounded. In the evening, the children need to change the sheets because of the unsatisfactory situation. The front desk only took the sheets and asked us to replace them. The dirty sheets told us to put them in the room, and the housework would be handled the next morning. Because I had a one-year-old child, I chose a restaurant and I was able to help someone when I was in a sudden situation, but I was disappointed.

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Mr./Ms. C.P(39)

Select Date:2018-11-28


The room is very comfortable, there is no interference with the living room, and it is very convenient to cook near the supermarket! Very satisfied with staying 2 nights

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Mr./Ms. L.H(42)

Select Date:2018-11-25

生日當天入住,訂了海景房,安排在3樓,但海景被樹木檔了,看不到海景,失望,給騙了。 帶著小孩,退房要求行李生幫手拿行李,說得一位員工,要等10分鐘,我們同意,但最後員工只把行李車送到門口,要我們自己拿下去。自己拿下去後,看到三人在門口位置... Read more 生日當天入住,訂了海景房,安排在3樓,但海景被樹木檔了,看不到海景,失望,給騙了。 帶著小孩,退房要求行李生幫手拿行李,說得一位員工,要等10分鐘,我們同意,但最後員工只把行李車送到門口,要我們自己拿下去。自己拿下去後,看到三人在門口位置,看著我們自己推5大件行李。 早餐選擇不多。 只有一個好的,就最房間大。

On the birthday of the day, I booked a sea view room, arranged on the 3rd floor, but the sea view was blocked by trees, I could not see the sea view, I was disappointed, and I was cheated. With the child, check out the baggage helper to take the baggage, say an employee, wait 10 minutes, we agree, but in the end the employee only sent the baggage car to the door, let us take it. After taking it myself, I saw three people at the door and watched us push 5 big bags. There are not many breakfast options. Only one is good, the most room is big.

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Mr./Ms. E.F(29)

Select Date:2018-10-21

とても素敵なホテルでずっと滞在したかったです。ホテルマンも素敵でした、接客対応も素晴らしかったです。ロケーションも良くお気に入りのホテルとなりました。気になったことは排水溝周りの不潔さです。3泊しましたがお風呂は初日から詰まってるようで足元... Read more とても素敵なホテルでずっと滞在したかったです。ホテルマンも素敵でした、接客対応も素晴らしかったです。ロケーションも良くお気に入りのホテルとなりました。気になったことは排水溝周りの不潔さです。3泊しましたがお風呂は初日から詰まってるようで足元に水が来るほどでした。 その他洗面台も排水溝周りのはカビなどで不潔でした。 ホテルの掃除は本当に大変なお仕事だと思います、ですがここを大切にしたら本当に素敵な施設だと思いました。 4日間素敵なお部屋でおもてなしいただきありがとうございました。また是非とも利用させてください。ありがとうございました。

It was a very nice hotel and I wanted to stay forever. The hotel man was also wonderful, the receptionist correspondence was also wonderful. The location has also become a favorite hotel. What I was interested in is dirtiness around drains. I stayed for 3 nights, but the bath seemed to be packed from the first day and the water came to the feet. Other wash basins and drainage grooves were filthy as mold and so on. I think that cleaning the hotel is really hard work, but thought that it was a really nice facility if I cherished this place. Thank you for your hospitality in a lovely room for 4 days. Please do use it by all means. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. F.J(41)

Select Date:2018-09-27

我這次是非自駕遊, 交通還可以, 就是要去北部景點时一定要回那霸比較麻煩. 另外, 隔離就有24小時超市非常方便, 打風也不怕沒東西吃. 景觀一流, 還可以邊浸浴邊欣賞海景! 這次因為打風沒有去泳池有點可惜. 下次會再入住.

I am not a self-driving tour this time, the traffic is OK, it is necessary to go back to Naha when going to the northern attractions. It is more troublesome. In addition, there is a 24-hour supermarket that is very convenient, and it is not afraid of nothing to eat. The scenery is first-class, you can also dip Enjoy the sea view from the bath! It’s a pity that I didn’t go to the pool because of the wind. I will stay again next time.

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Mr./Ms. K.C(40)

Select Date:2018-08-20

relax,comfortable,large room free parking all are great!

Relax,comfortable,large room free parking all are great!

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Mr./Ms. H.C(50)

Select Date:2018-07-05


Great pool, let us have a good time after the typhoon

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Mr./Ms. C.CS(52)

Select Date:2018-05-19


The traffic is more convenient than imagined, the parking space is full, the room is helpless, but the store is trying to maintain, and everything else can be normal.

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Mr./Ms. K.O(59)

Select Date:2017-12-30


In a calm atmosphere, the surrounding environment was good and it became a comfortable stay.

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Mr./Ms. Y.J(45)

Select Date:2019-02-18

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Mr./Ms. W.L(48)

Select Date:2018-09-23

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Mr./Ms. C.P(46)

Select Date:2018-08-01

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Mr./Ms. C.N(34)

Select Date:2018-08-03

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