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湯野浜温泉 亀や Kameya

Kameya / Yamagata Sakata・Tsuruoka 72


Yunohama Hot Spring of Yamagata-ken directly faces the horizon of the Sea of Japan. 
Kameya, located in the middle of all of that
has been welcoming travelers from all over
for over 200 years of changing seasons. 

Guest rooms range from nostalgic traditional Japanese 
aesthetics to stylish private rooms. 
All 66 of our guest rooms have individual styles and personalities. 
When you open the windows, the refreshing aroma of the ocean will waft into your room.
You won't be able to help but smile when you have Japanese sweets and tea with the sound of the water behind you.

The spa that takes up the entire third floor of the main building is a must try. 
To give your body up to the relaxing spa as you gaze out into the horizon that 
changes expressions every minute is another luxury specific to our location. 

For dinner, you're sure to be delighted by the season's flavors. 
Our local city of Shonai is a treasure chest of delicious local produce.
We highlight all of the delicious Shonai foods through artistic and careful execution. 
Please enjoy each dish filled with Shonai's delicacies. 

For breakfast, we serve fresh squid noodles and ganmodoki, 
Yamagata's signature rice Tsuyahime and other healthy traditional Yamagata foods. 

The hours that you spend soaking in the historic baths, and the hours that you spend savoring our delicious foods
are all in tandem with views of the Sea of Japan. 
Being both historic and constantly pursuing newness, 
a stay with us is a unique experience you'd want again. 

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HOURAI 1114-1116

東北の中で大のお気に入りの宿で何度も宿泊しています。洋室で海が見え温泉の質が良く、お部屋に温泉有り食事が良いという私達親子の希望が叶う宿です。今回、和室ではありましたが最上階の特別フロアの2人用のお部屋に宿泊しました。凄く眺めも良いしオール... Read more 東北の中で大のお気に入りの宿で何度も宿泊しています。洋室で海が見え温泉の質が良く、お部屋に温泉有り食事が良いという私達親子の希望が叶う宿です。今回、和室ではありましたが最上階の特別フロアの2人用のお部屋に宿泊しました。凄く眺めも良いしオールインクルーシブで飲み物も食事も運んでくれるしで凄く良いのですが部屋にこもって何度も温泉に浸かる私達にとっては小上がりの畳に布団を敷くよりベッドの方が寛げると感じました。部屋の作りは下の階の温泉付きのツインルームの方が動線は良いかな。ただ最上階は特別フロアなので眺めは最高!オールインクルーシブで静かに過ごす事ができます。 出来れば、ちょっとしたツマミが欲しいかな。また別注で頼める料理があると嬉しいです。

I have stayed many times in my favorite inn in Tohoku. This is an inn where you can see the sea in the Western-style room, the quality of the hot spring is good, and there is a hot spring in the room and the food of our parents and children is good. This time we stayed in a room for 2 people on the top floor, although it was a Japanese-style room. The view is very good and it's all inclusive, it is great because it carries drinks and meals. I felt that. The flow of the room is better in the twin room with the hot spring on the lower floor. However, the top floor is a special floor so the view is great! All inclusive and quiet. I want a little knob if possible. I would be happy if there was a special order.

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Mr./Ms. A.T(36)

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HOURAI 1114-1116

二日間大変お世話になり、ありがとうございました。 落ち着いた空間で、ゆっくりと過ごすことが出来ました。窓から望む日本海がとにかく絶景で、来てよかったなぁとしみじみ感じました。 スタッフの方々のお心遣い、おもてなしにも、沢山ある宿の中で、... Read more 二日間大変お世話になり、ありがとうございました。 落ち着いた空間で、ゆっくりと過ごすことが出来ました。窓から望む日本海がとにかく絶景で、来てよかったなぁとしみじみ感じました。 スタッフの方々のお心遣い、おもてなしにも、沢山ある宿の中で、こちらにしてよかったなぁと思いました。 結婚記念のよい思い出になりました。 ありがとうございました。

Thank you very much for taking care of me for two days. In a calm space, I was able to spend slowly. Anyway, looking at the Sea of Japan from the window was a wonderful view, I felt it was nice to come. We thought that it was good to be here in the hotel where there are a lot of care and hospitality of the staff members. It was a good memory of the wedding anniversary. Thank you very much.

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Mr./Ms. R.Y(55)

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今回は大変お世話になりました。母共々,大満足して帰宅しました。 ステキなお部屋に,美味しいお料理,素晴らしい接客に,日頃の疲れが癒され,とても良い気持ちで,今回の旅を終えることができました。お部屋は思った以上にオシャレで洗練されていて,そ... Read more 今回は大変お世話になりました。母共々,大満足して帰宅しました。 ステキなお部屋に,美味しいお料理,素晴らしい接客に,日頃の疲れが癒され,とても良い気持ちで,今回の旅を終えることができました。お部屋は思った以上にオシャレで洗練されていて,それ以上にどこもかしこも綺麗にお掃除してあり,とても気持ちよく過ごすことができました。お料理はどれも味がよく,特に蕨と蟹の炊き込みご飯が,何杯でも食べられるほど絶品でした。デザートのトマトのシャーベットまで,母娘でワクワクにっこりしながら,お腹いっぱいになるまで食べました。今が旬でもなかなか口にすることができない月山筍も食べることができ,感激でした。接客では,ラウンジの係の人も,客室の係の人も,温かく,何度もルームサービスをお願いしても,嫌な顔ひとつせず,対応してくれました。 ひとつ,難点をつけるとすれば…お風呂でしょうか。 お部屋についていた檜風呂は高すぎて高齢の母は足が弱ってきたため,入ることができませんでした。黒いタイルの方にはシャワーブースがなくて,やはり不便さを感じました。 お風呂の難点を差し引いても,今回の亀やステイは花まるだったと思います。次回は是非,1110のお部屋に泊まります! 本当にありがとうございました。

Thank you very much for your help this time. Both mother and I went home with great satisfaction. In a wonderful room, delicious cuisine, a wonderful customer service, the daily fatigue was healed and I was able to finish this trip with a very good feeling. The room was more fashionable and sophisticated than I had expected, more than anything else was cleaned up cleanly and I was able to spend it very pleasantly. All the dishes were tasty, especially rice and crab cooked rice, so it was exquisite to eat any number of cups. Until the dessert tomato sherbet, I was excited with my mother and daughter and I ate it until my stomach was full. I could also eat Tsukiyama bamboo shoots that I can not quite talk about in season now, I was deeply moved. In customer service, people in the lounge's officials and guests in the rooms were also warm and asked for room service many times, they did not disagree, they responded. One thing, if you put down difficulties ... Is it a bath? The Japanese cypress bath that stayed in the room was too expensive and my older mother could not enter because my feet were weak. There was no shower booth for the black tile, and I felt inconvenience again. I think that the turtle and stay stayed blossomed even if the difficulty of the bath was deducted. Next time we will stay in the room of 1110 by all means! I'm really thankful to you.

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1 Chome-5-50 Yunohama, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata Prefecture [View map]

check-in / check-out time

15:00 / 10:00

CI/CO time may be different depending on plan.

Credit card


Number of guest rooms

66 room(s)


The dining location depends on the room type you are staying in

■Japanese Style Room
Meals will be served in-room
※For parties larger than 5 we will guide you to a private dining room
Please enjoy a Japanese style course meal filled with fresh Shonai produce

■Western Style Room
Our villa "Ryuguden," a wood Shoinzukuri building built in 1927,
was renovated into the dining room "Senjinbo."
Please enjoy the unique dishes that consist of traditional
Japanese foods prepared using western techniques. 

■Special HOURAI floor
Meals will be served in-room
All ingredients are specially picked out of the best of Shonai and Yamagata. 
The delicate flavors honor tradition, but 
the cooking techniques are bold and adventurous, 
creating a combination that can not be tasted anywhere else. 

※Meal plans are subject to change depending on plans and other factors
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Yunohama is known from the myth of "Hot spring discovered by a turtle."
This hot spring is a sodium and calcium filled bath that 
can warm your body from the core.

■Main Spa
On the third floor, there is a large bath and outdoor spa that look out to the Sea of Japan.
Feel the salt winds on your skin and enjoy the 
saltiness unique to a seaside hot spring. 

■Private bath twin 
There is a hot spring bath within your room. 

■Special HOURAI floor
Each room has its own unique bath
「HOURAI1110」has the only private outdoor spa at this hotel
「HOURAI1111」has a meditation bath and a bath with a view
「HOURAI1112」has a bath with a view
「HOURAI1114-6」has a stylish indoor bath

■Drinkable hot spring
We have drinkable hot spring water at our entrance
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Other facility information

■For company occasions
We have rooms that accommodate for all size parties from regular banquet halls to huge banquet halls that can seat 200 people.

■Families and groups can rent out
Karaoke, dining room, and other facilities
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Please contact the hotels/ryokans directly for more details.
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※We do not allow guests with children below school-age to stay at our Western style rooms
※We will ask for a bathing fee of 150 yen per person
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  • Bath tax
  • Children allowed
  • Room service
  • Transportation service
  • Parking area
  • Hot spring
  • Fresh hot spring
  • Room with outdoor spa
  • Public spa
  • Private spa
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Esthe/Spa facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Barrier free
  • 5 min walk from station
  • Pets allowed
  • Breakfast in room
  • Dinner in room
  • Open air bath
  • Night view
  • Ocean view
  • Cottage
  • Coupon

The accommodation features are general descriptions of the facility. The amenities and breadth of service will differ between each accommodation. For details, please confirm directly with the accommodation.


Access by public transportation.

■From Tokyo

【By Train】
・Take Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Niigata Station
At Niigata Station change to Niigata Express and take to Tsuruoka Station. 
40 minute bus / 25 minute Taxi ride from Tsuruoka Station

【By Plane】
・Tokyo―Shonai(ANA) Approx. 50min
Taxi from Shonai Airport Approx 10min

■From Akita
【By Train】
・Inaho Express Towards Niigata - Akita Station to Tsuruoka Station 
40 minute bus / 25 minute Taxi ride from Tsuruoka Station

1 Chome-5-50 Yunohama, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata Prefecture

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